Our Story

“I’m not going to teach you how to sell a pen you don’t actually care about

We started BOMAH to share our knowledge about storytelling — to help you discover your story, make people care about it, and make a difference in the world. But don’t get us wrong. This isn’t The Wolf of Wall Street. We not going to teach you how to sell a pen you don’t actually care about. We  also not going to teach you how to manipulate people with false promises and a great smile.

We developed our storytelling philosophy while running from rockets in the Middle East. Recognizing a need to share our daily reality with the world, we knew we had less than 15 seconds to capture their attention. Since then, our storytelling philosophy has led to wild success.”

Itzik Yarkoni, CEO and Founder of BOMAH

You Are Constantly Writing Your Own Story

While earning his undergraduate degree at the Sapir College in the southern city of Sderot, Itzik Yarkoni (The Founder of BOMAH ) was bothered – not only by the constant rain of missiles from Gaza that terrorized the residents – but also the fact that it garnered no disapproval, or even a mention, from the outside world. To spread awareness of the issue, Itzik joined Sderot Media Center, where he implemented his skills and began teaching the residents to share their story using social media. The venture was a success, and helped put Sderot on the radar of the world’s media and policy makers.


After 3 years with SMC, Itzik spent a year abroad as a Shaliach for the Jewish Agency on UC Irvine’s campus. There he encountered fierce anti-Israel sentiment from other students. In response, Itzik formulated multiple campaigns to unify the Jewish students on campus and developed strategies to effectively counter the pro-Israel messaging emanating from the school.

All of these combined experiences led Itzik to founding The Brand of Milk and Honey, where he developed the four-pronged strategy that is at the core of every endeavor in which BOMAH engages. From the Israeli start up world to Israel advocacy, Itzik has created a new value-based approach which surpasses the media and press, and brings the power back to the people – which has demonstrated remarkable results thus far.

Our strategy plan: making things happen

Your story is OUR story. As we dive into your values and goals to find your story, we become more than clients, but friends. Your goals are our goals. We are dedicated, work hard, and have pure passion for what we do. Your vision is our vision.

When our competitors sleep, we work. We’ll eat shakshuka with you in the morning. We genuinely connect and care, and we’re ready to jump all in to achieve your goals. Whether you’re a CEO or a student, we all have a story to share. It’s our mission to find yours. We deliver results quickly, and work side by side with you to achieve your goals.


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