Sitting down in the heart of Tel Aviv and eating shakshuka it’s part of the average Tel-Avivian daily life. But constantly coughing because of the bad air pollution is not fun, and most times annoying. Thankfully, Itzik and Ziv Lautman had Breezometer to find the place with the best shakshuka and best air quality!

Together, BOMAH and Breezometer created an engaging campaign during the Web Summit and their visit to the White House in Washington D.C; between fun games at their stand, storytelling posts, actively live-tweeting, Breezometer’s story got a lot of buzz in the media and publications, being able to move from Jerusalem to San Fransisco for the second chapter of their story.




In the beginning I was skeptical; there are many companies out there for branding, marketing, etc. But when I met Itzik and he explained me the core value of BOMAH, the art of storytelling, together with the importance that I will be hands on – it was clear that BOMAH’s added value is unique. So we started to work on our online presence at the WEB Summit 2014: thousands new likes, twitter followers, PR, real engagement on social channels from our target users – all in only 3 days.

Ziv Lautman / CEO / BreezoMeter

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