Learn a Better Way to Create Content and Share Your Story.


Filter Out The Noise

The internet is the loudest place on earth. It’s hard to connect with the right audience. It’s even tougher to make them care. And it’s incredibly difficult to keep them wanting more. Learn a better way to create content and share your story.



Revolutionize your business with our 15 Second Philosophy, a storytelling strategy that grips your people from the get-go — because that’s all the time you have.

Workshops & Training

Get your staff on board with your story, armed with powerful tools for creating digital content that wins hearts in 15 seconds or less.


Grab a chair and a bowl of hummus as we dig into your business, designing a detailed plan for creating social media content that makes people talk to you and about you all day long.















Our Story

Social media is the fastest and most effective way to communicate with your local community and with those you want to join your community.
However, simply posting a quote or picture isn’t enough to engage our audiences.

At BOMAH, we empower you to create unique content and use social media effectively in order to illustrate your mission and vision and reach a new, large audience.

This results in impactful communication, PR, engagement, and community building


All of our services combine hands-on skills with comprehensive strategy, transmitted in a practical, step-by-step experience that is empowering and results-oriented; resulting in social media managers who work with confidence and obtain concrete results. After working with over 40 startups (like Wix, OrCam, Splash) NGOs and government organizations, we think we may have the answer. Sharing stories from your company or organization and making people understand and care is our main goal.