Interview with Founder of ‘Frank’ App – Zvi

Have you ever wondered what people really think about you? Especially those close to you – friends and family – do they really tell you the truth? Well now you can find out what they really think – with the jerusalem based latest app ‘Frank’!

Meet ziv, the founder of frank… he is 31 years old, almost a MBA graduate , born and raised in Jerusalem.

Two and a half years ago he met Yair and Natan at the University, together…they invented a website where people can write their most hidden secrets. However, a different app came to the world called ‘secret’, they did exactly what we did and conquered the market.

So they pivoted and changed how they saw things and are working on an app – a social mirror to see how other people see you.

What does an entrepreneur mean to Ziv?

Firstly, he says – live your idea, believe in what you do so much, eat it as cornflakes in your breakfast, dream about it when you go to sleep, its your life for this period of time.

Secondly, he says you need persistence – with a new idea many people think it’s a stupid thing. Have courage and persistence to go in a different way – can you see if fish in a river is alive? It swims against the flow.

Ziv says you need to believe in it so much but be realistic and logical, you need to hear the criticism, and listen to what people say to you, but keep in mind that the nature of a new idea takes time for people to digest.

Ziv came up with the app idea for Frank on date…

He said it seemed good. However, two days after he called her and she said listen its not you its me, as she was mumbling excuses on the phone he thought to himself what did he do wrong, did he speak too much?

To resolve the question as to who can tell him the truth about myself

Who knows him best? His answer – his family, his friends, they know him best but will they really tell us what they think about us? They don’t tell us what they really think about us.

So, we developed a system to enable people to be honest, to say what they think, to open communication and take it to new levels.

Ziv faced some challenges as part of creating Frank..

Firstly, dealing with the members of the team, he said you need to find people you can deal with and that you can see yourself working with all day and all night. People that are reliable and that you can trust and get to an agreement with, and that make you wake up with a smile when you see them.

Secondly, Financing – most business at first steps face a stage where there is financial challenges.

The ‘Frank’ app usese social media and storytelling.

Ziv uses social media all the time, the app itself is based on Facebook. People you rate are your Facebook friends.

He thinks storytelling is the most important thing in advertising and promoting the app. Every time someone meets him he approaches them with an interesting story, tell them what he does in a way they can relate – it needs to be interesting and exciting.

Some advice for fellow entrepreneurs wanting to succeed with their start-ups…

Ziv says you need to believe in yourself, even if no one else will. Be willing to work hard to have sleepless nights; don’t be afraid to share your ideas.

Get advice from other people and think big!

Do you guys want to know what people really think about you – find out now on Frank!

Follow ‘Frank’s’ adventures on their website:

Twitter: @frankmobileapp