Case Study: Onward Israel


JAFI, Onward Israel // Onward Israel offers exciting opportunities – internships, service learning, academic study and fellowships – providing a global, cross-cultural experience in Israel and direct contact with Israeli peers.

The Challenge

Onward Israel wanted to engage and share stories with participant’s family, friends and communities. Resources were not available to provide to students, who had stories to share but required structure and encouragement.

The Mission

To implement a way for students to get involved and interested in sharing their stories, and to provide them with the tools to do so. BOMAH was hired to build a new strategy, teach students how to use social media tools, and share ways to manage and monitor results.


We trained a participant from each Onward Israel Cohort who became a leader and was responsible for sharing their experiences and engaging their Onward Israel peers through the use of social media. BOMAH consulted, monitored, and analyzed the fellow’s projects and progress.

The Results

Fellows discovered a way to not only share but enhance their personal and professional connection with Israel. Onward Israel Social Media Fellows engaged their Onward Israel Peers through their social media projects by using photos, blog posts or videos of them or by them. All posts came together in one final project at the end of the summer.

The Feedback