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Our Vision

Our Vision

Storytelling through social media

We are a branding firm specializing in storytelling through social media. Motivated to help you create your personal unique brand based on your stories, values, and goals to let loose onto this world.

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Young Judaea
Sderot Media
Schusterman Family Foundation
Rutgers Hillel
Rose Project
Real Life Israel
Onward Israel
Masa Israel
Kosher OC Magazine
Jewish Federation of Long Beach & West Orange County
Jewish Federation of Greater Metrowest NJ
Jewish Agency
Jerusalem U
Jerusalem Development Authority
Israel Experience
Israel 2.0
Hebrew University
Hasbara Fellowships
Go Inspire
David Project
Center for International Communication
Campus Casa
Bar-Ilan University
Aish Israel
Aish HaTorah Jerusalem


The Strategy

Empower yourself with measurable results

Your Personal Why

Answering this question gives you direction and allows innovative thought to flow freely. We focus on identifying your personal passions so that you can strip away unnecessary and outdated thoughts and behavior pattern.


The BOMAH storytelling strategy is all about engagement. It’s about creating your own message, rather than sharing someone else’s, and connecting with your audience. Through our strategy, we empower you to find your voice, identify your ideal medium, and share your story.


We believe in providing you with the tools to take an active role in creating, shaping and sharing your personal stories. This strategy gives you the ability to enhance your brand and succeed in the long run. Such a BOMAH inspired confidence in your own vision leads to positive changes.


“Yalla” is the word used to illustrate the “move it” mentality that inspired Israelis to gain the nickname “The Start Up Nation.” We are ready to jump into deep water with you and make it happen.



Itzik lives and breaths Israel branding and marketing. He is a relentless force dedicated to empowering the next generation of leaders to use social media in effective ways for Israel.
Jordan Fruchtman
Chief Program Officer / Moishe House
Itzik is an incredible teacher. He knows a lot about social media, and while his methods are unconventional to Americans, they work! Even I - who likes to think I know everything - learned about new tactics, networks, and ideas.
Jonathan Beer
Fellow / New York Onward Israel
Itzik's knowledge, experiences, and critical thinking combine to produce an educator who is insightful and effective. Many people 'talk' about a successful social media presence, but Itzik produces concrete results.
Natalie Menaged
Director of Education / Hasbara Fellowships
Itzik’s presentations were very well received by the students. His content was sharp, nuanced and timely, and equally as important, was his personal ability to connect with and motivate students.
Ze'ev Orenstein
Senior Educator & Program Manager / The David project
Itzik came and spoke to our Sorority about how Israel is a start up nation and how we can use the same tactics for publicity in the sorority. It was a great way to learn how to improve PR and organization within the sorority, while still learning about Israel.
Courtney Kravitz
President / Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority
We were delighted to have him join us this month to explain a bit of the history of the conflict, to share his personal experiences, and to offer some insights into how young adults can work for peace wherever we live.
Kirk Winslow
Youth Ministries / Irvine Presbyterian Church

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Crafted Services for Your Needs

Crafted services for your needs

Our focus is on providing you with the tools to ultimately carry out your own vision with confidence. Whether you are a start-up company, non-profit, or educational institution, together we can build a broad and active online community.


Harness our creative strategic thinking.

Workshops & Presentations

Hands-on training using our storytelling strategy.


Expand your network ad and get your program off the ground with a personalized social media strategy.

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